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Bike Tour along the River Sile

“Where the river Sile accompanies the Cagnan”.

Even Dante, the great poet, was fascinated by the beauty and picturesque corners of the city of Treviso, so much so that it is remembered in the Divine Comedy with the famous quote.

Treviso has never denied...

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From the city to the sea by bicycle

Our starting point will be Prato di Fiera, once an important river port. Cycling along the Sile river we will soon reach the suggestive Burci cemetery, where in the 1960s the “barcari” abandoned their boats. A very magical place...

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"Bollicine" bike tour

If one of your dreams is to explore the green Prosecco Hills on a bike, this is the tour for you!

Get ready to spend a very special day in the wonderful UNESCO protected area where, between Conegliano and Valdobbiadene, the most famous sparkling wine in the world has been produced for over 250 years!

All around...

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Cycling in the Asolo Hills

The “Asolo Hills” offer a truly enchanting landscape, rich in history and culture. Embraced by the vineyards that produce the delicious "Colli Asolani-Prosecco" DOCG, world-famous architectural masterpieces such as the Palladio Villas, monumental churches and small hamlets to be explored leisurely by bicycle.

Our tour starts at the foot of the town of Asolo, known and loved as...

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Trekking in Conegliano

The trekking takes place outside and inside the walls of Conegliano, partly at the foot of Colle di Giano, partly on its hillsides.

We will walk along a stretch of the Monticano River, which was important in the past for its many mills, of which unfortunately no trace remains. In the village of...

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Trekking in Solighetto of the Counts

We will visit the historical area of the ancient "rule" of Solighetto starting from the parish church.

The paths of the nearby hills will give us an extraordinary view of...

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Euganean Hills at 360° degrees

If you wish to spend one day immerged among the green of nice hills, among the blossoming of almond-trees, cherry-trees, admiring the elaborate and old tradition technique of the use of medical herbs; hearing about...

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Trekking in Padua along its waterways, through its bridges

Let’s start to know it from its waterways.

May be you didn’t know that Padua is not only the city with an unnamed Saint but it is also the town of the rivers with no water.

Yes, it’s hard to believe! During this urban trekking around the historical centre...

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Aperitorri trekking

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