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A little bit of us!

We had been thinking about this project for a while, because in Treviso there were no scheduled tours.

So,one day, during a dinner with our friends professionals, we decided it was about time for us to do something: and here is Treviso Tours!

We are a group of licensed tour guides and tour leaders and some of us are also sommeliers. Our languages are English,German, French, Spanish and Russian.

If you want to visit Treviso and its Province you can rely on our skills and knowledge to taste its  real atmosphere through our historical, cultural and food and wine tours.

We truly and deeply love this land, our land, full of history, art, culture and traditions.

Treviso and its Province are our habitat!

Annalisa De Martin

Hi, I am Annalisa , the sporty one, the one that goes up and down the streets of Treviso by bike with a little Yorkshire in the basket.  Apart from my dog there is one more thing I can’t live without: guests.

Working as a flight attendant was not enough:I realized I wanted  to welcome tourists not only on board but all the time, giving them information and showing them around my city, the city I love.

After a few years working at the Tourist Office, a  University Degree in Cultural and Linguistic Mediation and a Licence of Tour Leader issued by the Veneto Region I decided to specialize in inbound tourism, escorting different kinds of tours in Treviso, committed we have got something special here.

My favourite languages? English and Spanish

Elisabetta Berra

I am the group's Granny, a proud grandmother of three wonderful children who keep me young, active and always open to learn something new! But not only: tour leader, sommelier and English teacher.

I was born in England to Italian parents, so I'm bilingual. My name was chosen as a tribute to the Queen who gave hospitality and work to my newly wed parents who didn't know a word of English!

 I have been visiting Veneto since I was a child with eyes full of wonder for this sunny and hospitable land ...and where food is so good!

I have kept that curiosity  alive when I'm on tour with people to discover the wonders of the province of Treviso.

I have been a tour leader for 20 years and it gives me joy to share my knowledge and love for this land with you.

Laura Nai

I have always had a great passion for travelling, I am in love with this world, ironic and independent.

I love my two sons, catching flights, yoga, good wine, sunsets and full moons.

I chose to study languages at University following my desire to know other people and better communicate with them, which later led me to my qualification as a Tour Leader.

I am happy when my travelers feel the passion I have for my land and for its gastronomical specialties.

My highlights? The Prosecco hills and food and wine tours:there is nothing better than a good glass of wine, or two, excellent food and some healthy laughs along the way.

Let’s build  some wonderful memories together, I am  waiting for you!

Angela Bianco guida turistica
Angela Bianco

I live in Veneto in the Euganean Hills and I have a  passion for Art History  and travelling.

After having attended a professional tourist institute, I improved my knowledge of foreign languages through personal experiences while living for some months in different countries.

My specialization as a local Tour Guide in the Veneto region and also as a Tour Leader  has extended over a period of 20 years. I am also qualified as a Naturalistic Guide and as a Technical Director for travel agencies.

I love nature, history and art: they became my essential ‘tools of the trade’ to use in my role as a tour guide.Because of my vast experience over the years working with different groups of different nationalities, I feel fully prepared in suggesting itineraries specific to any particular passion such as  for art, history, nature or gastronomy tours, both for groups and for individuals. With personal consultation, we can design together a tour that suits you, tailor made for your time and interests.

Alessandra Barbon accompagnatrice turistica, guida-bike, NCC
Alessandra Barbon

Meeting, learning, living...this is what the world of Tourism means to me: my job and my joy!

I was 20 when I became a licensed Tour Leader, but for a long period, I used my tools (English, French and German) as a Travel Agent and in the foreign-trade department of an Italian company.

Most women having a family must adapt to circumstances and I always took changes as opportunities for personal and professional development. My true interest for my homeland brought me back to school. A major challenge with a successful ending: I got a new certification as Tourism Networking Specialist with  a particular focus on Venetian Villas. Since 2019 bike-guide and minivan licesed driver

I consider it a great achievement  to do the job I like.

A chance and a privilege too!!

Lara Sossai

Hello, my name is Lara. I am a tour guide and tour leader by passion and choice. As a tour guide I am specialised in Treviso, its  province and more.

Over the years I have developed the idea that touring and travelling are concepts that are alive and present in each one of us, but our perception is different from individual to individual.

Expectations and desires, experiences and emotions of the journey trigger, in the human soul, the desire and the search for unique and magical, unexplored and unknown places.

The destination is common, but experiencing and living a place creates a unique and unrepeatable emotional and sensorial involvement for each of us. For this I invite you to travel with me, to live my territory with your eyes through my vision …

Francesca Marianni

Hi! I’m Francesca and I work as a tourist guide and tour leader. My job is so hard, but funny, quite as taking care of my little baby girl.

I could never work in an office all day because I love staying in contact with nature, open air and people. Besides history and arts I love sport . I try to have a healthy lifestyle even if I’m not obsessed with it. If It were up to me, I would move only on foot or by bike because I like looking around. I got my qualification as sommelier some years ago, because I was curious to know how  great people make good wine.

I find cooking relaxing and I’m always ready and enthusiastic to taste new foods. I don’t bother talking and discussing hours about wine colours, aromas or food and wine matching;  I’d rather enjoy good wines with great cuisine and a funny party.

Gabriele Kiebacher

My name is Gabriele and I come from South Tyrol. I hold a MA in Translation and Interpreting from Vienna University and for the last 10 years I have been based in Veneto working as a Qualified City Guide and Tour Leader in Italian, English and German.  

My area of expertise extends over the entire Veneto region with a specific focus on Venice and Treviso.  

Through extensive research of the region, its nature, colours, flavours and various people I have met along the way, I can unreservedly say it led me to discover hidden treasures and it helped me find a new home. I would love to share all quirky details and curiosities and hopefully evoke thrilling emotions in you.

This wonderful region has something for everyone, whether you are a lover of art, history, nature, gastronomy or wine and as my guest I will take you on the unforgettable journey in discovering one of the most beautiful and historically rich areas in Europe.

Gabriella Venezia

I am curious, friendly and very fond of my territory.

My dream to talk with foreigners led me to graduate in German and English Languages and Literature at the University in Venice. The pleasure of good food and wines made me become a sommelier, thanks to my desire to travel I am a tour leader, and the love for my home town to be a tourist guide.

My mission: help the greatest number of tourists discover the beauty of Treviso and its landscape.

My best tour: Prosecco Route in English, German and Italian.

My favourite dessert: Tiramisù!

Daniela Casa

Born and brought up near Vicenza, I have been surrounded by its historic and artistic treasures and the picturesque landscape of the Alpine foothills all my life. I chose to entwine the wider regions with their culture and relationships by putting my faith in them and defining my own journey. There’s no lack of history and places where I live in the Veneto region or Italy more widely. And there are plenty of people to get to know as well. With an inquisitive, open mind, I set out on my journey. I added to this my enthusiasm to study and explore with the aim of taking my Tour Leader and Guide qualifying exams. Since then, I have carried on, following my exciting journey that constantly presents challenges to grow and improve. And I am very lucky and proud to be surrounded by beauty in all its many forms.

As I am so emotionally attached to the inland Veneto region, I use it as my preferred  inspiration for my tours that bring together culture with storytelling. Living in the Veneto has also ignited in me a deep fascination with Palladian villa lifestyle and culture as well as for the great centuries old history of Venice.  

I enjoy offering tailor-made itineraries where visitors can have their own personal experience that’s authentic yet light-hearted. They say I know how to put people at ease and inspire their curiosity.

I love working in a team - I believe creativity, ideas and expertise have a greater value when they are generated through collaboration. Becoming part of the Treviso Tours team and sharing the team spirit that brings it to life is a great opportunity. Our resources, imagination and professionalism serve all the people who choose to travel with us.

Ilaria Barbon

Hello everybody!  My name is Ilaria; it means “cheerful, happy” and I believe we should take on life with a smile.

I’ve always been active, independent and curious and maybe that’s why I studied foreign languages and I’ve been attracted by connected interests such as (travelling, concerts, Argentinean tango,..).

After a few years of work in Tourism abroad (Russia Spain, Egypt) and around Italy, I came back “home” and I fell in love with “my” beautiful Treviso again.

Tour guide and tour leader, I aim to pass on my passion for these places, so picturesque, quiet and lively at the same time, often beyond one’s expectations.

It’s a pleasure to catch this amazement in your gaze and it is an honour to be part of your special memories.  I am waiting for you!